Focal Areas of The Conservation Symposium

Each Symposium will focus on specific contemporary issues, but the broad focal areas are:

Protected and Conserved Areas

  • Protected Area Management Effectiveness
  • Biodiversity Stewardship
  • Delineation and Management of Buffer Zones/Zone of Influence
  • Transboundary Conservation
  • Land Restitution and Co-Management of Protected Areas
  • Integration of Cultural Heritage and Biodiversity Management
  • Tourism

Species Conservation

  • Threatened Species Conservation
  • Conservation Genetics
  • Sustainable Resource Use
  • Advances in Monitoring and Surveillance

Landscape Conservation

  • Systematic Conservation Planning
  • Land-Use Planning
  • Securing Critical Biodiversity Areas
  • Biodiversity Economy
  • Ecosystem Goods and Services and Ecological Infrastructure
  • Understanding and Managing Ecological and Evolutionary Processes

Conservation Tools

  • Legal, Policy and Ethical issues
  • Implementation of Biodiversity-Related Multilateral Environmental Agreements
  • Sustainable Conservation Financing
  • Resource Economics

Environmental Education and Awareness

  • Effective Communication
  • Interpretation
  • Role of Social Media in Conserving Biodiversity
  • Citizen Science

Global Change Conservation

  • Conserving in the Face of Global Change
  • Impacts of the COVID and other Pandemics on Conservation

Threats to Biodiversity

  • Invasive Alien Species
  • Wildlife Crime
  • Mining