Registration Fees and Other Symposium Costs

Thanks to generous financial support from our sponsors (see 'Support our Sponsors' page), attendance of The Conservation Symposium 2021 is FREE! We hope that free attendance will remove a significant barrier to participation by NGOs, students and conservation agency staff across Africa, in particular. However, you will still need to Login with Your Account and Register to Attend to be able to view the presentations and participate in the discussions.

If you can make a financial donation, or have the budget for conference attendance and are prepared to use this, your contribution will go a long way to improving the quality, value and, ultimately, the sustainability of The Conservation Symposium. We have structured the registration to allow us to provide you with tax (VAT) invoices for paid attendance, and a Section 18A tax certificate for any donations of ZAR2,000 or more.

Click here to support the symposium via an electronic funds transfer.

Terms and Conditions


Although attendance is free, for logistical reasons all delegates are requested to create an account and register before 17h00 South African time on Thursday 28 October 2021; however, we encourage you to register as early as possible.


To cancel your paid participation for The Conservation Symposium, a written request must be received via email to on or before 17h00 on Wednesday 13 October 2021. Requests for refunds should be accompanied by official banking details (bank statement, or confirmation on bank letterhead). A 5% administration fee will be deducted from all refunds.

We also request that any delegates who register to attend for FREE and need to cancel their attendance send an email to on or before 17h00 on Thursday 28 October 2021. This is crucial for logistics and opening up spaces for late registrants who will be placed on a waiting list.


If a delegate is replaced by another delegate for any part of the symposium, a written request must be received via email on or before 17h00 on Thursday 28 October 2021. Substitutions are expected to complete the registration process as new delegates before attending the symposium.


The first alteration to these documents is free of charge, thereafter an alteration fee of R100 will be charged.